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since 2007​

After living in Atlanta for 16 years, and starting the successful Georgia Wine Tours, we moved to the St. Louis area to be closer to family. Once introduced to the area establishments and all the good food, wine, beer and entertainment they have to offer, we decided to open in 2011. We also offer and for all your transportation needs.

​We’ve explored many wonderful wineries and brew pubs throughout the U.S., but have found most areas lacking in quality, AFFORDABLE transportation. Some wine lovers choose to spend the weekend in area lodging, or spend a lot of money on a special occasion limousines. However, there are many of us that wish to enjoy a day at the wineries and breweries without having to worry about planning, direction, driving, or breaking the bank. Augusta Wine Tour is the answer - safe, reliable, courteous transportation from metro St. Louis and St. Charles.

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